American Organ Academy

C. Joseph Nichols

April 1, 2021

I first met Dr. John Schwandt in 2007. I was serving my first year as president of the American Institute of Organbuilders. John had asked if he could make a presentation to the AIO board of directors during our annual convention and we obliged.

I vividly remember three things about John’s visit with us.  He exhibited a rare passion for the pipe organ, not only in playing the organ but all things related.  He had a clear vision of how to integrate organ performance, organ tuning and servicing as well as organ technology into an academic program.  His contagious enthusiasm resulted in a unanimous vote of support by the Board of Directors which was accompanied by a small donation.

Time and experience have not diminished John’s passion, vision or enthusiasm for this integrated approach to the pipe organ.  Rather, I think his focus has been sharpened and honed.  I eagerly look forward to seeing what the future holds for the American Organ Academy.

C. Joseph Nichols

Retired President

Nichols & Simpson, Inc.

Little Rock, Arkansas

C. Joseph Nichols